Check the certificate points for each product to see how much SSTX you can earn.

About Silver Stonks NFT Authenticity Certificates

Once you purchase our silver products, your NFT certificates will be stored automatically in our digital vault, where you can claim SSTX tokens to start earning interest on your silver.


NFT Certificate of Authenticity

Every silver product comes with its own certificate of authenticity, in physical format as well as in the form of an NFT, a smart contract on the BSC blockchain, which you can claim once you receive your product.


Earn Interest On Your Silver

By claiming your NFT Certificate, you can start to earn interest on the physical silver you buy! Follow the instructions 

100 gram silver bar


.999 Purity

Our silver bars are made from .999 fine silver. This means that the silver is 99.9% pure, which is the highest form of silver as an investment. 


Unique Packaging

Each silver product is packaged with care and comes in unique packaging that will not only protect the silver pieces during shpping, but also serves as memorabilia for your silver.


Silver Stonks

Learn more about the Silver Stonks project and where we’re headed!

New Arrival

Save On Production Costs

Purchase .999 silver shot (fine silver granules) that come in a unique Silver Stonks jar and an NFT certificate of authenticity.

silver shots

Join the Silver Jungle

Silver Stonks Apparel


How to Buy Silver Stonks' Token SSTX

Why Silver Stonks?

Best Hedge Against Inflation

We are focused on silver as a hedge against inflation because of its accessibility and vast utility worldwide. Growing demand and limited supply make buying physical silver a great strategy for every portfolio.

Buy Silver Using Our Token

Being a member of Silver Stonks allows you to purchase physical silver using SSTX, merging the new, exciting era of crypto with the traditional store of value the precious metals market brings.

Earn Interest On Your Silver

We will make strategic partnerships with other precious metal distributors so that they can accept SSTX as a form of payment, in order to facilitate silver purchases around the world, as well as other hard assets.

Earn up to 12% APY in Crypto!

Stake your SSTX and earn up to 12% APY by becoming a member and entering our silver jungle. You’ll have the opportunity to become a Silverback and earn more SSTX tokens.

Discover the Silver Stonks Metaverse

Mint your avatar to gain access to the Silver Stonks metaverse, Silverback City. You will benefit from a variety of services, including Play 2 Earn games that allow you to earn SSTX tokens, real silver and other hard assets!

Silver Stonks Academy​

Learn everything you need to know about silver investing and crypto in our academy.

Silver Investing 101: A Quick Guide for Beginners

How Do I Make Money Investing In Silver?​

Understanding how to invest in silver is not difficult! If you are new to investing in silver, this guide will go over everything you need to know to get started. 

Gold vs Silver: 6 Differences to Consider When Investing

Determine Which Investment Is Best

Understand the different opportunities that exist when investing in the gold and silver and determine which investment is best for you.

How Do I Earn Interest On My Silver?

Understand NFT Authenticity Certificates​

Earn interest on your silver bullion! This is a brand new concept in the precious metals sector. Learn how you can start earning interest on your silver.

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