Unique Silverback Gorilla Statue


Represent Silver Stonks with this Unique Silverback Gorilla Statue made entirely of .925 silver. This is a unique piece of art that shows the strength of the Silver Stonks jungle.


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Earn Interest On Your Silver

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Unique Silverback Gorilla Statue

Our Unique Silver Stonks Silverback Gorilla Statue is a unique piece of art that represents the Silver Stonks movement along with the strength of our silver jungle. 

Each Silver Stonks Silverback Gorilla Statue is made of .925 silver and arrives in a unique presentation.

The Silver Stonks Silverback Gorilla Statue is packaged in a black box with foam to protect the gorilla. Each Silverback Gorilla comes with a physical certificate of authenticity as well as a digital certificate of authenticity in the form of an NFT (a digital smart contract).

Every customer can start earning interest in Silver Stonks tokens, SSTX, just for owning this Silverback Gorilla Statue. The Silverback Gorilla Staue features the Silver Stonks gorilla on all fours, representing stability, strength, and protection. 

All costs to mint the NFT authenticity certificate (gas fees on blockchain) is included in the price.

Upon receiving your order, you can claim the NFT to each product by following instructions that come with the physical certificate you will receive. The digital certificates of authenticity are known as Silver Stonks Collectibles and will allow you to earn interest on your physical silver through SSTX. 

If you have any questions about this SilverBack statue, please feel free to ask. Silver Stonks customer service is available to assist you via our email address, support@silverstonks.com.

At Silver Stonks, we’re making it easy for everyone to diversify into digital and hard assets to protect against inflation and build wealth. Learn more about Silver Stonks, and its native crypto token that powers the ecosystem SSTX here.

Gorilla Statue Highlights:

  • Arrives in an individual presentation, varies depending on quantity.
  • Poured silver statue from the Silver Stonks Collection.
  • Contains  ≈ 150 Grams (4.823 troy oz) of .925 silver.
  • Individually minted NFT on Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
  • Each NFT is minted by Silver Stonks to verify its authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 47 × 36 × 47 mm




Product Origin




Packaging Type

Protective Plastic, Protective Box

NFT Certificate


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