250 Gram Silver Bar – New


The Silver Stonks 250 gram silver bar (8.818 ounces) comes with an NFT certificate of authenticity that lets you earn interest on your 250 gram silver bar.


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250 Gram Silver Bar – New

Each Silver Stonks 250 gram silver bar is made of .999 silver and arrives in a unique presentation.

The 250 gram silver bars are packaged in a black box with foam to protect the bars (when ordering more than one). Each bar comes with a physical certificate of authenticity as well as a digital certificate of authenticity in the form of an NFT (a digital smart contract).

Every customer can start earning interest in Silver Stonks tokens, SSTX, just for owning this 250 gram silver bar made by Silver Stonks. The 250 gram silver bar features a logo of the Silver Stonks gorilla on all fours, representing stability, strength, and protection. The Silver Stonks gorilla logo is a part of our silver jungle metaverse.

The Silver Stonks corporate gorilla logo is stamped along the top of the bar. Above the logo includes the words “Silver Stonks Protect and Diversify Your Assets,” the company’s name and slogan. 

Above the logo is the company’s name and slogan, “Silver Stonks Protect and Diversify Your Assets.” Below the logo, you will find identifying hallmarks that include an individual serial number for each 250 gram silver silver bar.

On the reverse field of the 250 gram Silver Stonks poured Silver Bars, you will find a blank field. Poured silver bars often have designs on just one facet of the bar.

When the bars are removed from the casts, the engravings on the primary face are stamped by hand. The primary face of the 250 gram silver bar (8.81849 ounces) includes engravings with the bar’s purity, metal content, and weight.

Silver Stonks’ silver bars offer you the best of old-world style and modern technology by certifying each 250 gram silver bar on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain in the form of an NFT (digital certificate).

Silver Stonks’ .999 silver bars come in a variety of weights and styles, including 100 gram bars. Each 250 gram silver bar is hand-poured, a unique process that is not followed by many modern refineries and represents a style closely related to the first bars human civilizations created thousands of years ago.

Upon receiving your order, you will receive instructions on how you can see the NFT to each product you order by following instructions that come with the physical certificate you will receive. The digital certificates of authenticity are known as Silver Stonks Collectibles and will allow you to earn interest on your physical silver through SSTX.

If you have any questions about these new .999 silver bars, please feel free to ask us. Silver Stonks’ customer service is available to assist you via our email address, support@silverstonks.com.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives in an individual presentation, varies depending on quantity.
  • Contains 250 gram (8.81849 ounces) of .999 silver
  • The features include the Silver Stonks logo with identifying hallmarks
  • Assigned an individual serial number with an NFT authenticity certificate
  • Earn interest on your 250 gram silver bar in SSTX

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 7,6 × 4,7 × 0,7 mm




Product Origin




Packaging Type

Protective Plastic, Protective Box

NFT Certificate


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4 reviews for 250 Gram Silver Bar – New

  1. Mari

    I ordered a few of these bars and I loved the packaging that came with my order. The Silver Stonks team paid attention to detail and shipping was quick. The packaging has foam inside the bod which protected the silver during shipping. Will order again!

  2. Conrado

    Muy buena experiencia, en concreto he comprado dos lingotes de 250 gramos.Es la primera vez que compraba online lingotes de plata.
    Muy buena comunicación y me ha resultado fácil. Me llegó en 4 días a casa.

    Muchas Gracias!

  3. Fernando G.

    Excellent service and very quick to answer my questions when I reached out. Only concern is NFT certificates not showing up as supposed to, not sure if I need to wait or any action from my part

  4. Antonio Mora Vega

    Desde principios de este 2022 les llevo haciendo pedidos periódicos, tanto en productos propios de SilverStonks en barra, en granalla y de Sempsa. Resalto la profesionalidad y el bien hacer corporativo, tanto en los envíos y las dudas resueltas vía email. Les deseo un futuro de éxito.

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