Take mistakes out of the equation and reach your investment goals in the shortest possible time. Learn how to navigate the financial markets and prepare for the next financial crisis.

Learn what the financial news doesn't teach you:

The old rules of money no longer apply. If you stick to old-fashioned guidelines, your portfolio has probably been affected by this latest market correction. Traditional advice, such as work hard, get out of debt and invest for the long term, were rules before the 2008 crisis. 

When interest rates went negative, initially during the onset of the pandemic, who was saving? And why would you invest in the stock market for the long term when it had just hit record highs and we were about to have a major market crash?

It’s time to start thinking and doing things differently. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about economics, finance, the state of the world right now and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your future.

See you soon in the course. 

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From Monday, October 24 to November 12!


Clase #1:

  • What Makes Up An Economy?
  • The Optimal Economy and Its Objectives
  • Definition of Unemployment
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Inflation
  • How to read a CPI report
    Inflation and Why It Is So Persistent

Clase #2:

  • What is the Federal Funds Rate?
  • Nominal versus Real Interest Rates and How they Move Markets
  • The Money Supply
  • Creating New Money
  • How the Fed Injects Money into the System
  • Leverage, debt and credit

Clase #3:

  • Los Cuatro Objetivos al Invertir
  • The Four Investment Objectives
    The 4 Main Asset Classes
  • Understanding Leverage in the Stock and Real Estate Markets
  • The Use of Credit as Leverage

Clase #4:

  • Market “Truisms”
  • Pension Funds vs. Hedge Funds and How they Influence the Financial Narrative
  • Market Analysis During Covid
  • Market Analysis Today

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In our community, there are two things we do constantly.

First, we listen to what members tell us to find ways to always provide them with better service and maximize results, and second, we reward people who take action. 

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On November 6th we are launching our NFT Collection and giving away NFT to 3 lucky people who complete the course.

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What are Troops of Silverback City?

Troops pf Silverback City are a collection of 9,999 Silverback gorillas on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Silverback is also used as a membership that gives you access to exclusive rewards, including the ability to earn passive income through our Property Holders marketplace for real estate crowdinvestment, along with Play 2 Earn games you can play to earn SSTX to buy precious metals and other hard assets like real estate.

If you mint a Silverback City Troop you receive benefits to two platforms:

A Play 2 Earn Mobile App Game

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, the impending economic catastrophe occurs – New York City’s federal reserve has exploded! Use your NFT avatar to collect silver pebbles that you can claim for real silver. Own a Silverback City NFT to gain the following benefits:

Passive Income Up to 5x Faster:

En nuestra aplicación móvil Play 2 Earn, puedes utilizar tus NFT para ganar recompensas más rápidamente. Utiliza hasta 5 NFT para ganar ingresos pasivos hasta 5 veces más rápido cuando juegues a Silver Bank Run.

Beta Access:

NFT holders will have access to the beta version of the game and will be able to give their feedback, which will have a direct impact on the final outcome. See the white paper for more details.

Priority Customer Service On All Silver Stonks Platform

NFT holders will have access to the beta version of the game and will be able to give their feedback, which will have a direct impact on the final outcome. See the white paper for more details.

A Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

We are expanding into other hard assets, like real estate with Property Holders. Own rental properties for as little as $100 each. Become a VIP member by owning a Troop of Silverback City NFT and get the following benefits:

Exclusive Whitelist Access to Pre-Sale Properties

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Discounts for Our Short Term Rental Properties:

Todos los miembros de NFT se convierten automáticamente en miembros VIP de Property Holders. Esto te da descuentos para todos nuestros alquileres de corta duración.

Access to A Private Platform for Investors: 

In this private community, you'll be the first to know about Property Holders' upcoming investment opportunities, strategies for building a real estate portfolio and priority customer service across all of our platforms.

Annual Membership to the Finance Academy

As a bonus, all NFT holders will receive an annual membership to our Finance Academy we are launching in early 2023. Our academy will help all members make money, invest, and build generational wealth. Some topics we teach include:

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing
  • Wealth Creation
Silver Stonks Finance Academy


There are 9,999 Troops of Silverback City NFTs (like .9999 fine silver). 

The Silverback City NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. 

You are buying a membership to two platforms that the Silver Stonks team will create: Silver Bank Run and Property Holders. The first is a play 2 Earn game called Silver Bank Run. Owning the NFT will allow you to earn passive income up to 5x faster in physical silver and gold. The Second platform is Property Holders, a real estate crowdinvesting platform where you can own pieces of rental properties for as little as $100 a piece. 

When you own an NFT Troop of Silverback City you get membership access to two platforms: Silver Bank Run and Property Holders. This membership gives you the following benefits:

Silver Bank Run

  • Passive Income up to 5x faster in ur Play 2 Earn game, Silver bank Run.
  • Beta access to Silver bank run to gie direct feedback on how the final version will come out.
  • Priority customer service across all Silver Stonks Platforms

Property Holders

  • Exclusive whitelist access to property pre-sales.
  • Discounts for our short term rental properties
  • Access to a private discord for investors.

You can mint up to 10 NFTs per wallet address.

The pre-sale price is $185 and after the pre-sale each NFT is $225.

The NFT image that you minted will be visible as soon as pre-sale is complete.

Yes, since it is on the Ethereum blockchain you can re-sell on platforms like Open Sea.

The Silverback City NFT pre-sale is on September 24, at 12:00 PM EST and will last for six hours. During this pre-sale you will be able to mint the NFT at a discounted price. 

Since the NFTs are on the ethereum blockchain, you will need ethereum to mint the NFTs. Recently, ethereum has been working on upgrades and the gas fees have been greatly reduced.

If you do not feel comfortable with blockchain, but still want to participate in the pre-sale, we will include an option where you can pay with fiat currency. We will mint the NFT for you and help you onboard by sending it to your wallet address within 2-5 days. If you prefer this option, we will include more information on this page soon.


The pre-sale is $185 if you mint it yourself using ethereum, or $200 in fiat currency (USD, Eur)

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